Saturday, February 1, 2014

Extended Cinematic Tools 01.02.14

-Fixed for the latest BF4 Update
-Some GUI changes. Noticed that some of the tabs in Visual Environment were not fully visible

As always, don't use on ranked PB servers.


  1. thank hatti this tool awesome. but this update after some options have crashed.

    i want use freecamera option but in game at repeated crash. i just click the "play button" how use it? i don't know this tool instructions. i only how to use the freecamera option :D

  2. Game crashes everytime I try to inject the DLL after a day of usage, and most features don't work and crash the game for me (This was before I get the game crashed after the injection)
    I believe that only NVIDIA users are experiencing the crash issues when trying the features and that we need an update supporting the bf4.exe 64 bits app

    1. EDIT :
      the game crashing everytime I inject the file is due to the new BF4 update.