Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm quite busy and since it'd probably take ages to iron out all the bugs with the current amount of users (3 or so), I might as well release the tool now. Oh, do expect bugs..

It currently works only with the 32-bit version of BF4. To launch in 32-bit go to Origin, right-click BF4, click Game Properties and choose Battlefield 4 (x86) from the list.

Be sure to launch everything as an administrator. Launch the game, inject "BF4ExtCineTool.dll" to BF4 using Faith Injector and then start "Extended Cinematic Tools.exe" and you should be able to use the tool. 
Injecting with Faith injector is easy: Run it as an administrator, press Add to add the .dll file and then from Process -> "Show process list", choose BF4_x86.exe and press inject.

Do NOT use on Punkbuster or FairFight enabled servers.
I wont be taking any responsibility if you use this on a PB enabled server and get banned

1p Camera hotkeys: Arrow keys to move around, Numpad 7/9 Up/Down, Numpad 8,6,4,2 for rotation.
If you're recording Freecamera tracks USE THE FIRST FREECAMERA.

Bugs or ideas? Write them to comments!


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  2. I managed to see most things have their effect(wind colours sun etc, no movement with the movement keys though

  3. The ability to get rid of the arms in first person would give filming more flexibility

    1. You can get rid of it.
      Go to Misc/Info tab and uncheck "Draw 1st person model"

  4. Really appreciate for a great tool.
    Keep it up :D

  5. It crashes everytime i try inject since BF4 patch tonight

  6. Does it still work for anyone? it crashes for me before it starts

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  8. Kann mir jemand auf deutsch erklären wie ich das benutze b.z.w was ich machen muss ich bekomme es nicht zum laufen.