Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things to do

  • Detect end-of-round so it disables everything and gets the new visual environment once the map is done loading.
    • Tends to crash between rounds + if you reset the visual stuff in the new map it'll take the values from the previous map.
  • Make 1st Person mode work for spectators
    • It would work fine, but for some reason you can't change the camera to 3rd person mode in spectator mode. Looking for alternative methods...
  • Make sure everything works
  • Create a 64-bit version
    • So far everything else seems to work except the hooks. For some reason the APIs I've tried don't do anything or they crash the game.
  • Release

Also gave the GUI some darker colors. Dark themes ftw


  1. Quick question, is there any conceivable way to force FOV beyond it's 60 to 90 values other than using this tool?